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Everyone has a story and here's mine:
Saudu Clement is an accomplished digital marketing expert. Tbh, I never thought I would end up as a marketing expert. I started off like every other young chap with big dreams. I remember wanting to become a doctor on some days and an engineer or lawyer on others.

By 22, my dream of becoming an engineer was fulfilled. I obtained a mechanical engineering degree from the prestigious University of Ibadan. But then, that was just the beginning of my journey.

I took professional courses as a graphics and web designer during my leisure time in college. I also honed my copywriting skills working as a freelance content creator for luxury networks like Upper Inside.

By the time I was rounding up with college, I had already found my creative site. The discovery made me focus more on building businesses and working with start-ups as opposed to pursuing a professional career as an engineer (I'd probably go back to engineering one day).

The last 5 years of my life has been spent working with random clients (some who became friends and close associates) and building businesses. I am particularly skilled in researching and developing turnkey digital marketing strategies - seamlessly moving from ideation to execution.